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At SICI93 – Nextil Group Luxury Division, we pursue perfection in every detail. We are determined to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are excited to bring their ideas to life on the highest level and collaborate on the brand’s reputation with our clients.

We present options and suggestions to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with our products and services. Taking full advantage of our specialized knowledge and experience, we are aiming to achieve the best results. For that reason, we treasure our long-term clients of luxury fashion brands and prestigious fashion houses.


We take our equipment, and human resources to create the most accurate prototypes and provide samples to show our clients in detail exactly how the final product will look and feel. By making our clients an active part of the production process, we ensure that the samples and the finished garment match their imagination and expectation.

Nextil Luxury | Production

CLO Design

We have recently implemented a new sample software to develop 3D prototypes, CLO design. This avant-garde technology minimizes the timing and cost of sampling and massively reduces the environmental impact of sample production. This software permits our clients to see how the garments look and behave in a virtual model that is constantly moving to have a 360 o vision of our future sample.

Quality control

Our experienced Production Managers team is closely monitoring every garment from the design stage to the final product. Our controlling method is highly organized to ensure every garment is examined and checked in every stage before final approval. We are constantly improving our control method to make sure we are able to fulfill the most demanding objectives. Some of those controls are taken on our installations and others are managed by external companies to ensure the highest quality.


We are used to managing sensitive information. Our team is conscious of the delicacy of details they have in their hands. Being responsible and mindful of the materials that our clients share with us is strictly important. Confidentiality is at the heart of our company and will always be protected.

Nextil Luxury | Production
Nextil Luxury | Production

Packing & Distribution

We are here to support our clients to thrive. We offer packing, tagging, pricing, and distributing the garments to each brand’s requirements before leaving the factory, and sending the orders to the different locations and warehouses needed by our clients.


Offering the latest technologies in our factories in Portugal, Spain, and the United States enables us to achieve precise and meticulous production. Keep updating our equipment and investing in new machinery is a significant part of our group targets.

Nextil Luxury | Production
Nextil Luxury | Production