We are experts in the production of the finest luxury products.

Our area of expertise includes fabric development and production, garment manufacturing within jersey and fleece, seamless production, and the development of swimwear pieces. The supply chain for every garment is defined individually to offer the most efficient method for each production to provide the highest level of convenience to our clients. Their satisfaction is our highest priority, hence why we are providing a personalized service and innovation accordingly to the individual needs of each of them.


Our clients value our expertise as well as our craftsmanship, and the guidance we can offer to turn their design ideas into luxury garments.

We can identify and provide the best solution for every technical demand since we are continuously looking for new techniques and effects to offer our clients. We can propose multiple types of printing, embroidery, dyeing and finishings. Trends change every season thus we are developing new skills to create innovative effects on each collection.


We are specialized in state-of-the-art seamless technology, that we use to develop athleisure and sports garments. This unique weaving technique is based on specific circular looms, offering infinite design options for fibre combinations, colors, and fabric structures to develop comfortable and resistant garments that perfectly shape the body.


Nextil Group is one of the leading manufacturers of elastics fabrics. Based on yarn of various fibres, we design the weft, pattern, and texture, and we can apply 100 % sustainable dyeing with our Greendyes TM dyeing method. Our equipment includes circular knitting machines of up to 44 gauges and warps knitting machines that allow us to produce all kinds of fabrics including jacquards, meshes, rib, lurex, stripes, simplex, and spacer.

Nextil Luxury | Swimwear


Swimwear products require in-depth technical and fabric knowledge, specific equipment, and the application of comprehensive quality controls to guarantee the correct performance underwater. We have been producing swimwear for over 65 years, and we can offer the experience, equipment, and technology required to develop a highly technical product. We design plain and patterned swimwear fabrics and can translate the latest trends accordingly to the specific demands of every brand.

Nextil Luxury | Swimwear